Tiny Hooves Hank Unisex Tee
Tiny Hooves Hank Unisex Tee

Tiny Hooves Hank Unisex Tee

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Hank Indigo is a perfect cow who was rescued by the wonderful humans at Tiny Hooves Sanctuary .

He was taken in by them after an activist negotiated his surrender from a veal farm. He had been a byproduct of the dairy industry and was bred into existence just so that humans could harvest the milk that his mother began to produce for him.

Because he was born a male, he was “useless” to the dairy industry- he is unable to produce milk after all. Due to this, the males are typically killed after birth or otherwise sold as veal. On veal farms, calves are restricted from movement so that their muscles atrophy, as it makes their flesh more tender to eat. And that is what ended up happening to Hank, he was taken from his mother and tied by rope to a wall of the farm, awaiting his slaughter-date.

When Hank was rescued from the farm and brought to Tiny Hooves, he was so weak that he could only stand for short amounts of time. Thanks to continued work and rehabilitation by the Tiny Hooves’ humans he was able to regain his strength and now he is the most handsome and healthy cow in the land. Hank is one of the many reasons our company chooses to support Tiny Hooves. Thank you for his care and all you do to make the world a better place!!

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It is important to try to help mitigate the suffering that nonhuman animals are forced to endure at the hands of humans. Because of this, we pledge to donate 10% of our profits directly to farm animal sanctuaries who are in need.